Our self-disinfecting period underwear can hold up to two regular tampons worth of blood, and can also be paired with menstrual cups for those with a heavier flow, for a 100% leak proof and zero waste period.    


We use CottonX, a smart fibre, fusing 100% natural cotton with copper oxide to provide the ultimate in skin care and protection. That means it’s soft on sensitive skin, and can even help reduce the risk of infections!  


Esimated delivery in June 2020.


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  • Two pairs: ITTAKESTWO
  • Three pairs: TRIPLESET 
  • Five pairs: HIGHFIVE

GAME-CHANGING Underwear (Pre-Order)

SKU: 00001
Color: black
    • Our super comfy underwear is made from CottonX, PUL and Lenzing Modal
    • Holds up to two tampons worth of blood (we tested in a lab)
    • Machine washable
    • Made in a compliant factory in China
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