We made this period underwear so that you don’t have to hold back from doing things, even when you’re bleeding.

Reemi is an environmental, hygienic, easy and comfortable way to deal with arguably the most inconvenient time of the month. Designed to be used when you think your period is coming but you’re not sure, or as a backup for your other products.  They’re soft, comfy and self-disinfecting. Pre-order today!



Straight up, we’re here to help. We're a registered charity, and 100% of our profits go towards helping others. We’re not a business, although we sometimes operate like one. Plus, we’re not just supporting menstruation but we’re also creating change in the garment industry! 



We believe we need more innovation in this space, which is why we are using the best tech we could possibly find. CottonX is a game changer and we’re the first in the world to use it in our period underwear.



We care about the environment and have a lot of future innovations already in the pipeline that would result in an even more eco-friendly product.


We love our product because now we fret a lot less. It’s the best kind of backup to those who like menstrual cups or tampons. And perfect for night-time, when you just want to be free and not wake up to stains in your bed!


Reemi is made using cutting edge technology! We use a natural cotton yarn called CottonX, and we’re the first in the world to turn it into period underwear. The cool thing about CottonX is that it’s created using only environmentally friendly and biodegradable materials, and the structure of the fabric makes it self-disinfecting as well as skin enhancing. That means it’s soft even on sensitive skin, and can even help reduce the risk of infections! All while being easy on the earth.


We never want to assume that we would know what people want or need when it comes to period solutions. That's why our work has always been human-centred. We ask questions and we're always learning. We've interviewed hundreds of menstruators from many cultures, as well as working with local organisations who know much more than us. 


Here's our guide to making the most out of your Reemi underwear. We hope you find them as easy and carefree as we do! 

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