Our Name

What do you call a social enterprise that focuses on periods? There are a blooming number of puns we could use and the suggestions were an endless cycle. Jokes aside, we believe that a name is important. It breathes the vision and captures the heart of who you are. We are working towards the time when all women thrive, feel healthy and are confident.

In both Bengali রিমি  and Hindi रिमी, Reemi is a name for a woman who is beautiful.

Reemi defies current norms. By naming ourselves Reemi, we're making our intentions known. Reemi is a reflection of the narrative that we are changing around periods and the new perspective we bring to the conversation; there is beauty inherent in every woman.

Our Logo

In most cultures, menstruation is a taboo subject, and because of this, many women experience limitations during their cycle. These limitations can hold women back in society, isolate them and ostracise them - all for just having their monthly menses. In some situations, menstruation is so taboo, it is considered dirty and unclean.

Reaching out to touch someone, is an expression of love and affirmation. It opposes the idea that they may be unclean or dirty. Hence, why our logo is inspired by a fingerprint.

A  fingerprint represents our desire to reach out to women; to champion them as worthy; and to see each person as a unique individual.

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