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"Hope has nothing to do with mood or objective facts, but is rather a form of hospitality offered by those who are tired to those who are exhausted” - Teju Cole

Nobody would disagree that these past two years have not been easy. We are bonded by the trauma of distance, crisis, fear and collective grief. But the grief has not been distributed equally.

This time has given us so much to pause and think about. Like most of the world, we have been thinking about structures that exist that have led to this inequality - that is why we started Reemi in the first place. 

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We’ve been continually asking ourselves the question, what is our responsibility when the world is suffering and the majority of our team is in the covid ivory tower of Aotearoa? What is our responsibility, when we are also tired and struggling mentally to keep up with our own fears, particularly the one called uncertainty? 

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But as Teju writes, hope has nothing to do with mood or objective facts. This is a helpful reminder, as our mood or the objective facts, don’t lead us to feeling a sense of hope. For the most part we are safe, we are okay, but do we feel hopeful? 

It’s been beautiful to dive into this deeper expression of hope, an acknowledgement that we are tired but we are not exhausted and rather, we don’t need to look into our empty tanks to conjure a happy or joyful feeling. We look into our empty tanks and see our mission expressed through manaakitanga. 

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Expressing hope has been varied. Sometimes it feels feeble and it has meant calling our local partners, just for the sake of checking in. Sometimes it feels ridiculous to share stories of our normalcy but we have been surprised that it has given hope that the world will not always be this way. It is possible. 

Although not recently, Aotearoa has at times been a beacon, against all odds. It surprises us when people ask us to share photos or tell us about our day outside with other people. 

As we have grappled with our very personal grief, and our privilege, we bring you this collection as an offering. We have against all odds of supply chain woes, shipping delays, shortages and the longest sample approval times, created a collection to the very best standard we could. 

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We dreamt of creating a collection that would have the lowest carbon footprint we could curate, every detail and every thread has been poured over.


It seems like a lot for just some underwear but what if our commitment to excellence and sustainability was the best expression of hope for your period? What if nano-tech and beautiful underwear was the small offering you gave to yourself in the hardest time of the month? What if growing our sales meant we could help more people in even more difficult circumstances?

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We know and have seen firsthand that the ecological decisions of the rich will impact the poorest first. A commitment to papatuanuku is not just necessary for life but work towards justice. 

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We hope this collection is an expression of abundance and of the future of how things could be made. What if our hope was to paint a world filled with possibility and flourishing and even better, it was accessible, it was for all and it wasn't just for the privileged few. 

This collection is both a reflection of the past grief and a nod towards the future. 

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Love, Reemi.