Do you ship internationally? 

Yes, we ship to most places in the world. Our prices don’t include local customs, so depending on your country please be aware of any additional charges. Feel free to reach out at if you have any questions. 

Can I exchange my Reemi’s for another size? 

Your new pair of dreamy Reemi underwear comes with a compostable hygiene gusset sticker. Simply return your Reemi’s with the gusset sticker still intact and we’ll send you a different size. 


How does the underwear work? 

Our period underwear looks and feels like regular underwear but has multiple antimicrobial layers that absorb your flow combined with a leak-proof layer at the gusset. Depending on your flow you can wear your Reemi’s with a menstrual cup for maximum security or on their own. It’s all about understanding your flow as every single body is different. 


How do I wash them? 

Simply rinse them in cold water until the water runs clear then pop them in the washing machine with similar colours and hang to dry. 


What about odour? 

We use an antimicrobial fabric called Cotton X. It’s made of entirely natural fibres with copper oxide fused with cotton and reduces the risk of infections as well as reducing odour. The best thing is it can’t be washed out, so your Reemi’s remain antimicrobial and odour-resistant even after 100 washes. 


How long can I wear my Reemi’s for? 

This is entirely based on your flow. The best thing about using reusable menstrual products is that we begin to learn more about our beautiful bodily functions. As you learn more about how heavy or light your flow is you’ll find your groove and understand how long to wear your Reemi underwear for. 


Can my teenage daughter wear these? 

Yes your daughter can definitely wear these. We’ve recently introduced a size 4 that may be appropriate for younger girls beginning to menstruate. 


What’s the difference between Night and Day Reemi’s? 

Our Nighttime Reemi’s are designed for exactly that: night. These are our maximum absorption underwear and are perfect for wearing all night and have a fuller leak-proof area for lying down. 


What are they made from? 

Our Reemi underwear is made from super soft and sustainable Lenzing™ Modal combined with natural Cotton X and a leakproof layer made from recycled PUL. 


Where are they made? 

Our underwear is made in Ningbo, China in a Sedex-audited, hydro-powered factory. 


Can they be worn postpartum? 

Yes, you can definitely wear Reemi postpartum. It’s all about knowing your body and your flow and period underwear can be perfect for leaks of any kind as your body is transitioning through different life stages. Observe it and learn about the miracle that is your life-giving body. 


Do you have plus sizes? 

Yes, our size range begins at size 4 and goes through till size 18 currently. But please let us know if you want more sizes, we’d love to hear your feedback! 


How does Reemi give back? 

Reemi is a registered non-profit and all our proceeds go towards period equity for people that need products the most. Our current area of focus is providing evidence-based and culturally appropriate solutions for garment workers in Bangladesh. Learn more here. 


Is your packaging recyclable? 

We’ve tried to ensure our packaging is as minimal as possible, so no swing tags or anything excessive. Your Reemi’s come in a cute little recyclable box and an instruction card that’s also recyclable. We ship these out to you in compostable courier bags. 


Still have a burning question? 

If your question hasn't quite been answered here, feel free to email us at and we'll get back to you as soon as we can.