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Empower Women. Donate today! 

See change in women's lives, change in the way women go about their day-to-day, change in the way women view themselves. We're all about it, and it looks like, so are you!
Make a donation to Reemi and empower women! 

Please note that we are unable to issue Tax Deductible receipts in New Zealand. If this is a problem, drop us an email and we can chat.

Bank Transfer

Set up an automatic payment (yes pls) or a one-off payment with an easy bank transfer. Please write your last name in the "reference," so we know who to thank! Also, drop us an email at info@reemi.org when you make a donation. 

Bank of New Zealand (BNZ)
Reemi Charitable Trust


International Donations ie. Not from New Zealand?

We recommend using TransferWise. It's fast, safe and really cheap. Just use the above information! 

Thank you so much for being part of the Reemi family. We honestly couldn't be here without you!

Reemi Charitable Trust CC56441