We can't do this on our own. We are hugely grateful to the generosity

of our corporate partners, working alongside us. Thank you! 


AS Colour is a New Zealand brand that designs and manufactures quality basics. They believe in taking their time when it comes to the products they make. At every facet of the supply chain, AS Colour are committed to "doing the right thing" for both the environment and for the people who make their clothes. Transparency is a deep part of their ethos, which we have seen firsthand. We are proud to partner with AS Colour and have started to provide health education and menstrual products to their female factory workers.


AS Colour is our major corporate sponsor and additionally, provides us with access to their factory partners in Bangladesh. 

Deane Apparel is the brand successful brands wear, as NZ's premium uniform manufacturer who have been around for more than 80 years. Deane is committed to sustainability and social responsibility and have chosen to work alongside us. We are proud to see that Deane has taken the initiative to not just improve internal processes but work alongside us to improve systemic issues in the apparel industry, globally.

Deane provides us with pro-bono support through product development

and design.

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Cooper Rapley is one of the Manawatu's leading and largest law firms and has been serving clients for more than over 100 years. We are grateful for their dedication to the community and deep belief in giving back,  and it's special to be working alongside a firm in our former hometown of Palmerston North.

Cooper Rapley provides us with pro-bono support through legal advice, charitable trust establishment and general counsel.

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TF Accounting specializes in small business and general accounting services. A boutique accounting firm, we are grateful for all the advice to keep us in good financial health.

TF Accounting provides us with pro-bono support through accounting services.

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