27 Jul 2018

Meet Reemi

Reemi রিমি  : a woman who is beautiful  (Bengali রিমি / Hindi रिमी)

We can all agree a name is pretty important.

So we’ve ummed and ahhed about what to call ourselves and have brainstormed everything from the downright ridiculous (Crimson Tide) to names that sound more like scented candles (Lily & Co). We wanted a name that would succinctly capture the heart of what we do; make periods positive. In both Bengali and Hindi, Reemi রিমি is a name for a woman who is beautiful.


Across the world, women have been taught to hide their periods, to pretend that it doesn’t exist. This ‘impurity’ is one of the main physical attributes of what it is to be a healthy, thriving woman. We want to be part of the conservation in what it means to be both loving and inclusive of women’s bodies. That something as incredible as new life, starts with being able to have a period. We want to celebrate the fact that when a woman is healthy and well, she has her period. 

By naming ourselves Reemi, we're making our intentions known. Reemi is a reflection of the narrative that we are changing around menstruation and the new perspective we bring to the conversation; there is beauty inherent in every woman.

We also know that products alone aren't going to change the world, but a shift in thinking will. NY Times Opinion Writer and Associate Professor, Chris Bobel, spells this out in her latest piece. It's becoming increasingly evident that developing an innovative product is great, but the 'secret sauce' lies in how we can change a cultural norm, a taboo, through world class education.

Plus, we wanted to steer clear of the crude and rude tone that is often associated with taboo-breaking communication. Instead, we want to focus on the positive, and all that it means to be a woman.

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